Monday, January 12, 2009

Bogi (Bhogi) Festival: First Day of Pongal

Bogi or Bhogi Festival is the first day of Pongal Festival. It is celebrated to pay the vote of thanks to Lord Indran, who is the God of Clouds and Rains. This is the one of the famous festival celebrated by the South Indian people, especially Tamilnadu people. Hence the festival is called as Tamilar Festivals. The Bogi Festival is occurred at the last day of tamil month of Margazhi.

On this occasion, the houses will be cleaned and whitewashed. The homes are decorated with Rangoli known as Kolam. This festival is otherwise called as the first day of harvesting festival. Before cutting the paddy, the farmers performed puja to the Lord for the successful harvesting. Another importance of Bogi festival is that burning the unwanted & old things and apply the the new ones. In tamil, a proverb says related to this Bogi Festival as
"Palaiyana Kazhithalum Pudhiyana Puguthalum"

Another notable event of this festival is that Lord Krishna lift the "Govardana Mountain" with his little finger to save the people and living beings from heavy rains on this occasion. Hence the people prayed to Lord Krishna on this day.

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