Monday, January 19, 2009

Thai Amavasya - Thai Amavasai

Thai Amavasya or Thai Amavasai is the new moon day in the Tamil month of Thai which is mainly dedicated to ancestors, forefathers, parents and other relatives who have died. Special prayers are offered to the ancestors and forefathers who have died on this day. Generally devotees visited Lord Shiva temples on the Amavasya day. Especially Thai and Aadi Amavasya are very important Amavasya than any other Amavasya. On this day, more devotees from various parts of the world take a holy dip in the various Theerthas-Thirthas (Holy Rivers and Seacoast). At Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Thai Amavasya is celebrated every year. Special Pujas and prayers offering to Lord Sundareswarar and Goddess Meenakshi. The day is of great importance at the Rameshwaram Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple. Thousands of people take holy dip at Rameshwaram Agnitheertham (seacoast) in the morning to offer pithru tharpanam and pujas to the dead ancestors and forefathers. People believed that the souls of forefathers and ancestors who have died visit the earth on this Amavasya day to bless their children.

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