Monday, February 16, 2009

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi visited Madurai Temple City

Honourable Gujarat State Chief Minister Narendra Modi visited Madurai today to meet the sourashtrian community. In Madurai, various kinds of people are living like Tamil, Sourashtra, Telugu, Rajasthan Marwadi, etc. Among them Sourashtra community is the one third of the population of Madurai city. These sourashtra community people hailed from the Sourashtra region of Gujarat during the ruling period of King Thirumalai Naicker in order to help him. Their major occupation is the weaving silk and cotton textiles. During Thirumalai Naicker period, they weaved the Silk Dhoties and Sarees for the King Thirumalai Naicker family. The King was very much impressed by their artful weaving and felt very happy. So he planned to provide them gift as shelter to all Sourashtrians around the palace area.

A great get-together function for the Sourashtra people held in Madurai at K.L.N. College of Engineering today. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was the chief guest for this sourashtrian community function. He arrived at the spot at 2.30 p.m. and addressed a gathering of 5,000 people from Sourashtrian community in Madurai. Thousands of sourashtra community people participated in this function. Later Chief Minister Narendra Modi launched a Research Institute of Sourashtra Heritage & Immigration (RISHI), a project in association with Sourashtra University, Rajkot. Also he unveiled the statue of K.L.N. Krishnan, founder of K.L.N. Sourashtra Engineering College, Madurai.

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