Monday, March 9, 2009

Masi Magam Festival

Masi Magam - This is the very most special and important occasion comes in the Tamil month of Masi in the star "Magam". Sometimes this day comes on the full moon day of Masi month. Twelve years once, Masi Mahamagam Festival is celebrated in the Kumbakonam. On this occasion, lots of thousands of devotees visit the Kumbakonam and participate in the Mahamagam festival and take a holy bath at Mahamagam Theertham.

Another important feature is that Lord Shiva burnt "Manmadhan (Kama)" on this day. Kama, God of Love who is represented as a winged youth bearing bow and arrows. Kama uses the cane of sugarcane as the shaft of his bow and a line of buzzing bees as his bowstring. Manmadhan disturbed the meditation of Lord Shiva, so He got angry and burnt him. In Madurai, this festival is celebrated in the name of "Kaama Thaganam". On this occasion, Lord Shiva burnt him at the four corners of Masi streets of Madurai.

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