Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aadi 18 Perukku - Pathinettam Perukku Festival

Aadi Perukku is one of the important festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Aadi. This festival falls on the 18th day of tamil month of Aadi, hence it is called as Aadi 18 Perukku a.k.a. Aadi Pathinettam Perukku (Monday, August 03, 2009). This is a "Nature Worship" festival dedicated to Cauvery river and mainly celebrated by women. Perukku means rising which indicates the rising water in rivers. Due to south west monsoon, the South Indian rivers streaming on this month. Hence the people residing along the river banks offer prayers and pujas to the rivers just like saying thanksgiving to them. This festival is mainly celebrated by the people residing along the Cauvery River banks. Similarly, the Madurai people also celebrated this Aadi 18 Perukku festival at the river bank of Vaigai. On this occasion, women performed various pujas to the rivers in order to attain health, happiness and wealth in their life. On this day, Special Pujas and Aaradhanas are performed to Goddess Meenakshi at Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.

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