Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dharumikku Porkizli Alitha Leelai

The fourth day of Avani Utsavam is “Dharumikku Porkizli Alitha Leelai” will be going to happen at the Meenakshi Amman shrine on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 around 10 a.m. This is the one of the Thiruvilayadal of Lord Sundareswarar which is a very interesting story.

Story of Tharumikku Porkizhi Alitha Leelai

Madurai was ruled by the Pandiyan King long ago. A doubt has arisen in his mind regarding the fragrance of women's hair is natural or artifical. So he announced that 1000 gold coins given as prize for the people who clarifies his doubt. Tharumi was a poet in his kingdom, but he was very poor in his wealth. So, Tharumi approached Lord Shiva to make him get the prize. Lord Sundareswarar immediately appeared in the human form and gave a poem to Tharumi and asked him to take it to the King. When this poem read in the court, Poet Nakkeerar found fault with it and stopped the giving of the prize. Tharumi gets disappointed and looked for the person whom he get the poem. Again Lord Sundareswarar appeared before him as the human being and asked the situation. Thereupon, Lord Shiva himself came to the court and challenged Nakkeerar. But Nakkeerar could not accept that poem. Though the divine poet asked him if the hair of Ganapoongodai, the consort of Lord Kalathinathar, whom Nakkeerar worshipped did not have the natural scent, the undaunted Nakkeerar asserted that it was so. Suddenly the Lord Shiva opened his forehead ey which emitted fire and looked at Nakkeerar to show the poet who he was. Even then, Nakkeerar persisted in his statement. As he could not bear the scorching heat, emanating from the divine eye he jumped into the water of the Golden Lotus Tank (Potramarai Kulam). Then at the request of the Pandiyan King and other poets, the Lord took Nakkeerar out of the tank, forgave him and praise his duty consciousness.

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