Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lord Sri Krishna Jayanthi - Gokulashtami & Janmashtami Festival Celebration

Gokulashtami is the major festival celebrated by the Hindus across the globe on account of the birth of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the human form and avatar of Lord Vishnu incarnated in the earth to demolish his maternal uncle Kamsa. His major objective of incarnation is to preserve "Dharma" and devastate "Adharma". He was born more than 5000 years ago in the Madhura City.
Birth History of Lord Krishna
A Rishi told Kamsa that his death happened by the eighth male child of Devaki and Vasudeva. So, Kamsa arrested both the Devaki & Vasudeva and put them in jail and started to kill every child. At last, Devaki gave birth to Lord Krishna as the eighth child at midnight in the Ashtami Thithi, on the eighth day in the month of Shravana on the Rohini Star. As per the Lord's instruction, Vasudeva put his child in a basket and leave the child in the Yasodha's House and bring Yasodha's female child back to its place. That child was the "Goddess Durga" who is called as "Maha Maye". Finally Kamsa began to kill that eighth child, despite he confused and surprised after seeing female child instead male one. While he throw that child, child flies away from him. Later, he made various attempts to kill Lord Krishna, but his efforts failed each time. After a long time, Kamsa was killed by Lord Krishna.
Sree Jayanthi Celebration
Sree Krishna Jayanti is generally celebrated in the month of August-September according to the Christian Calendar. Janmashtami is celebrated for over two days as “Rohini” nakshatra and Ashtami may not fall on the same day. The first day known as Krishnashtami as the birth of Bhagwan Krishna falls on the eighth day after Raksha Bandhan and the second day is known as Kalashtami. This year Sri Krishna Janmashtami festival is observed on Thursday, August 13, 2009. On this occasion, devotees will perform fasting, bhajans, pujas and many other rituals. Special Abhishekams and Aaradhanas will be performed to Lord Krishna by the priests at various temples.

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Anonymous Viki said...

Thank you :-)

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Thanks Vignarajan.So nice pictures of Lord Sri Krishna.Wish you n all a joyful Gokulastami.

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