Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Manickam Vitra Leelai

The third day of the Avani Moola Maha Utsavam is the “Manickam Vitra Leelai” (Lord Sundareswarar sold Ruby Gemstone) on Tuesday, August 25, 2009. Madurai was ruled by the Pandiyan families. King Veerapandiyan was one among the Pandiyan Vamsa ruled the Madurai city long ago. The King had no child and he gave birth to a male child by the blessings of Lord Meenakshi Sundareswarar. Unfortunately he was attacked by a tiger when he went for hunting in the forest and he died. At last, Ministers in the Kingdom had planned to give the king’s place to his son. But the Dhasi’s sons stolen the King’s Ruby Stone crown. Without crown, cannot put the child to King position. So, Ministers prayed to Lord Sundareswarar to wipe out this problem. Immediately, Lord Sundareswarar comes in the form of Diamond and Gemstone Merchant and gave variety of precious diamonds & gemstones and asked them to make the crown using these stones and disappeared immediately. After that, the Ministers identified that the Gem stone merchant is Lord Shiva. As per Lord Shiva suggestion, they made the new crown with these stones. Finally, the Ministers put the crown to King Veerapandiyan son’s head and placed him as the King of Madurai.

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