Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nariyai Pariyaakiya Leelai

The eighth day of Meenakshi Amman Temple Avani Moola Festival is "Nariyai Pariyaakkiya Leelai" on Sunday, August 30, 2009. Nari -> Fox and Pari -> Horse. Lord Sundareswarar (Lord Shiva) always performed various Thiruvilayadal to save His devotees and saints from the critical problems and dangers. Likewise, He transformed the foxes into horses to save one of His devotee and major Nayanmar "Manickavasagar". During the period of Arimarthana Pandiyan ruling in Madurai, King gave gold to Manickavasagar and asked him to buy horses. Manickavasagar went to buy them, but on the way Lord Shiva came in the form of Lord Dakshinamoorthy and preached Upanishads and Vedas to him. Afterwards he spent his whole time in chanting Mantras and devotional songs about Lord and forgot to buy the horses. King was waiting for the horses, but nothing happened. So he asked his soldiers to contact Manickavasagar and asked him about the horses. Then only Manickavasagar remember about it, immediately he surrendered Lord Shiva. God never ignored His devotees. At that time, Madurai was a dense forest (also known as Kadambavanam) fully consists of wild animals and foxes. Finally, Lord Sundareswarar convert the foxes into horses and brought them to the King's palace and protect His devotee Manickavasagar.

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