Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ulavaa Kottai Aruliya Leelai

Thursday, August 27, 2009 - Today is the fifth day of Meenakshi Amman Temple's Avani Moola Festival. Lord Sundareswarar will be performed "Ulavaa Kottai Aruliya Leelai" on this occasion.

Story behind this Thiruvilayadal

Once upon a time a farmer and his wife named Dharmakeerthi and Dharmaseelai respectively lived in Kadambavanam which is now called as Madurai. "Service to Humanity is Service to God", as per the proverb, both of them offer food (Annadhanam) to Sivacharyas and Lord Shiva Saints as a divine service daily. Suddenly the famine and poverty surrounded them, but never disappointed. They sold their house, property and continued their service to Sivanadiyars. At last, they didn't have enough money to provide food for the Saints. So they decided to commit suicide. Immediately, Lord Sundareswarar appeared there and saved them. He said to them He performed Thiruvilayadal. Then, He presented "Paddy in Ulavaa Kottai" (similar to Amudha Surabhi) to them and asked them to continue their divine service through this paddy.

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Anonymous kumbakonam said...

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Thanks a lot for your kind comments. I am really proud of my blog. I want every one of your fullest cooperation and support to make this blog most successful one :)

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