Sunday, July 19, 2009

Significance of Aadi Amavasya - Aadi Amavasai

Amavasya or Amavasai is the tamil version of New moon day. The new moon day is considered something special in almost all civilizations. Some people believed that this day relates to demonic qualities and some other think as auspicious and benevolent. In Hindu community, the two Amavasya considered most important are "Aadi Amavasya" and "Thai Amavasya". This year Aadi Amavasya falls on Tuesday, July 21, 2009. Aadi Amavasai is dedicated to dead forefathers and ancestors, so the Hindus perform "Tharpanam" on this auspicious day. Taking a holy dip in a river is considered a pre-requisite for performing a Tharpanam, as it is believed that all one’s physical as well as mental impurities are washed away by doing so. Devotees take a holy dip in the various sacred rivers, seas and sacred ponds or Teerthams on this day. Especially, most of the devotees thronged Agni Theertham a.k.a Rameswaram (Rameshwaram - Ramanatha @ Ramalinga Swamy Temple) on this auspicious day to take a holy dip and offer Tharpanam to their ancestors. They were given sesame seeds to throw into the sea. After taking a dip in the holy sea, they went to the temples to pray for their forefathers. Lots of thousands of devotees go to temple on this day. Special poojas and abhishekams are conducted at all temples especially at Lord Muruga temples.

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